Our Story
Authenticity is our Philosophy…

DENIS CHARPENTIER Cognacs are the result of an encounter in 1994
between Denis Charpentier and producers in Cognac.

At the time, his idea was to contribute to spreading French traditional know-how all over the world.

First, it was essential create exceptional blends, respecting the tradition with a touch of innovation and originality.

This intention led to the creation of our sumptuous teardrop- shaped decanters which reflect “Authenticity” , the essence for our noble –hearted origins.

Denis Charpentier, the founder of “ Cognacs Denis Charpentier”, is internationally renowned as one of leading wines and spirits experts.

In 1985, after serving the French military service as a paratrooper commando,Denis Charpentier joined the Wines and Spirits industry.

Starting with nothing, he has created and developed a range of premium spirits all over the world, particularly in Asia, which has become his main market.

Family Company

Our exceptional cognacs are made possible through excellent natural resources, enhanced thorough the work of passionate and highly skilled men and women.

Our blends include Cognacs 100 % made from aged “ Eaux-de-vie ” from “Grande Champagne”, “Petite Champagne” and also from Fins Bois and Borderies producing regions.

In an endless quest for perfection, we have been striving for more than 30 years to share our family’s soul and innovating ingenuity with the world .

Finally, a team of passionate  men and women accompany us on a daily basis in this beautiful adventure.

The head office and the showroom are based in Paris at the family castle built in 1885 by Mr. Emile Charpentier, great grandfather of Denis Charpentier, who was also a collector and great lover of exceptional cognacs.

In Cognac, in the heart of the Spirits Valley, we create and age our precious “eaux-de-vie”. We also have a presence in the Loire Valley, Japan and Scotland. Our exceptional Spirits are always presented in elegant and exclusive decanters, which reflect our “Passion for Authenticity”.

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